The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination, a book by Edward Bauer, available online now!

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“MUST READ book... this is one of the best.”

“…clear, succinct, entertaining, informative…”

“…breaks very much new ground.” 
“Excellent analyses and innovative perspectives.”
“...bereft of bias or agenda.”

“Liked it very much."

“...a book that may change history.”

Facts, not theories.   The Final Truth breaks significant new ground thanks to the author’s real-world experience in both film editing and marksmanship.

For the first time, we now know the historical truth behind the greatest mystery of modern times— truths covered up by the Warren Commission and the FBI.

This work exposes the complex conspiracy that erupted almost instantly to force us into believing the ‘official’ story, including destruction of evidence, splicing of films and routine lying by our top government officials.

The Final Truth is a succinct, concise easy-to-read account of how—and most importantly why—these historic events played out.


Combining the Scientific Method with hands-on experience, The Final Truth breaks more new ground than any other work on this historic tragedy.

This gripping real-life thriller vividly takes you through second-by-second details of the assassin's three rifle shots at President Kennedy, his escape, his murder of Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit and his own tragic killing.  The work not only tells you what happened but also explains why it happened.  It shows how five films taken that day in Dealey Plaza by Tina Towner, Mark Bell, Robert Hughes, Elsie Dorman and Abraham Zapruder prove beyond doubt exactly how that momentous sequence of events unfolded.

This spellbinding page-turner also includes a groundbreaking investigation into Jack Ruby’s staged ambush and murder of Lee Harvey Oswald on live television.

With entertaining supplementary threads weaving their way throughout, The Final Truth concludes with a riveting, emotional closing chapter tribute to the unsung heroes of this epic saga.

Edward Bauer has been writing for newspapers, radio and television for over 40 years, including a universally acclaimed video series on conflict simulations.   He holds an MS in Television-Radio from The Graduate School of Syracuse University and a BS in Public Communications from the S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.


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Book Details:
Title:  The Final Truth: Solving the Mystery of the JFK Assassination
Author:  Edward Bauer
ISBN:  Paperback: 978-1-490-35057-8  
Kindle: 978-0-615-70588-0
 Paperback: 7” x 10” (17.8cm x 25.4cm)
 Kindle: Kindle file
Price:  Paperback: List $12.95 (US) Discounts available. 
 Kindle: $6.99 (US) total
Pages:  Paperback: 292 
 Kindle: 283 
Sections: Title page, Dedication, Contents, List of Illustrations, List of Tables, Preface, Introduction, Epigraph, Manuscript (19 chapters), Four Appendices, Acknowledgements, Notes/Citations, Bibliography and detailed Index (Index not in Kindle).


The Final Truth